Barack Obama, The 44th USA’s President.[1] Some reasons why we should disbelieve Barack Obama, before the US Vote in 2008, many people in corner of the world still think that in this US general Election there is a big change to American purpose, it is because they have been seeing a new candidate president from Illinois America named Barack H. Obama.

We think, that may be caused of the first perception about this time, but there is no that can guaranty that Obama will bring a new change in American Nation progress.  Because all the country knew that US is one country that has a big system, but there is a probability way if sometime it is being changed (Hasbi). But we think it has a possibility because there is a different character between the old and the new president, in this case Mr. Obama and Bush. There are so many things that can be distinguished between Obama and Bush today. Talk about Bush is not separated with talk about war zone. We know that the Republican Party policies always tend to the war and show us about the big power.  We think it is has been becoming the doctrine in the team of Republican side, but in another side talk about Democratic Party, it so contradiction one. We can see and say that Obama is a security team in this period because his foreign policies talks about the problem in Palestine and Israel. But it is still an issue because there is no realization yet in this country (Aswin).

Before the US election time is coming in 2008 America always supports the Israel to attack the Palestine and another Muslim country through their military system in under pressure of President Bush. It is too many people cannot understand what has American people doing to another country. But they know that it is one of the American Foreign Policy that is has been launching since long time ago and always tends to War and Peace with no ending time (Adi Rio Arianto). According to our perception in International relation paradigm, we I think that American is always to first priority in War and Peace, but no having any good solution to solve that. So, it is can make another country will have an opinion that American is the arrogant country with their big system in the World. War is need for them because they can sell their gun and war tool to another country that has a conflict to another, so that in this case the American where in profit condition. But in another side if we talk about the relation, this war incident actually in conflict between of Palestine and Israel is an unbalance clash. Why, because there is so many different capacity between Palestine and Israel, the Israel military defends is helped by the super power country in this case United States of America, in the contrary Palestine only Hamas and civil (Adi Rio Arianto).

I will fully believe to Obama if I were American people. There are so many aspects that can be explained if we try to know who Obama is and how the figure it (Aswin). America is one of the big nations with his big Hegemonies ambition. America foreign policy is so worse, they do anything as they like without consider that is it good or not in this case they do not to see from humanity side. And because it still happens until the Obama inauguration about two months, it is makes we think that Obama is not the best one to become the solution man any more. And now we should disbelieve to him as a president figure in that country with no action (Suparman).

Conclusion, there are two things that must be considered by us for disbelieve him that Obama come to the world is to struggle his party and to maintain the America ideology system. So we think it is have no correlation with the world peace in this time.

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[1]Second Discussion, 2 Oktober 2009, Tuesday, 07.45 PM, Universitas Hasanuddin, Wesabe.

15 April 2009 @13.20 WITA